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About Us
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Our Story

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love beautiful looking cars?

We are a group of car enthusiasts who design and manufacture extreme performance and scale products for radio-controlled cars. We love building scale models - let's be honest, who doesn't like beautiful looking cars? Our focus is on designing the best looking products that perform well, products that you can beat on the trails and good enough to be shelf queens. Since 2012, Boom Racing has been bringing out innovative and exciting products for everyone to enjoy.

A large portion of our effort is spent on research and development, designing original products that are new and fun to play with. We connect with hobbyists worldwide and listen to their needs to bring out the highest quality products possible.

Anything good takes time and patience... so we perservered.

Aside from making products, we put our efforts into promoting the R/C hobby in general, spreading awareness across different spectrums of life. We've worked with Monster Energy, Land Rover (Hong Kong), and Land Rover (Taiwan) for crossover events. We brought many hobbyists together by hosting multiple Recon G6 (Hong Kong) international events in the past, attracting hundreds of drivers from over 16 countries to participate. To support the growth of the hobby, we've sponsored hundreds of R/C events worldwide over the years.

With the launch of our first vehicle – the BRX01 – we believe this is the beginning of the future. Our efforts to create unique products and to promote the hobby will not stop here.

Boom Racing is a division of Asiatees Hobbies Company Limited.