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Performance Driven Wheels & Tires From Boom Racing


Boom Racing constantly provides us with some awesome upgrades, and one of their main attractions is their wheels and tires!

Boom Racing's tires and wheels are pretty amazing. At an affordable price, they definitely enhance the performance and appearance of any rig you use them on. One of the most popular rims that have been flying off the shelves has been Boom Racing's 1.9/2.2 Beadlock Rims. These durable, high-mass aluminum beadlock rims provides the durability and style-points needed to get your scale crawler rig to look and perform like a champ. Installation of the Beadlock Rims is fairly straight-forward and is very simple to complete.

Another insanely popular wheel/tire set is Boom Racing's 1/10th touring wheels/tires. These wheel/tire sets come four in a pack, and there is a HUGE variety of designs available. In addition to that, they look amazing!

They also have a wide range of other styles of wheels/rims for other models, so if you want to check out the full scope of what they hold, click the Shop Now button below!

Author:Christopher Chu

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