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Boom Racing ProBuild 1.9" Ultra-Lightweight Wheels


Now Available! Two new ultra-lightweight ProBuild™ 1.9" offset wheels and include a new center lock ring design with a cleaner finish look.

Introducing the ultra-lightweight version of ProBuild 1.9" wheels in a 6-lug bolt pattern.

This lightweight ProBuild wheel is performance-oriented and designed to reduce weight and rotational mass.

The construction of wheel is designed to be durable and lightweight. The plastic barrels are machined from billet ABS blocks. The carbon fiber faceplate is inset which is designed to protect it from impact damages on the trails. The all-new barrel lip design helps the rig slide through rocks and whatever the terrain throws at it.

The performance-cut CNC machined Delrin center ring helps reduce rotational mass and maintains a strong structure to clamp the beads securely.

This lightweight ProBuild version has the same built-in offsets ProBuild is known for - four fully adjustable offsets built-in, and are interchangeable with all existing 1.9" ProBuild parts.

It can typically reduce up to 30-50 grams per wheel versus standard aluminum wheels.


  • Ultra-lightweight at 42g fully assembled (28g without hub) with 18 bolts
  • Four fully adjustable offsets built-in
  • Less stress on the drivetrain by reducing rotational mass
  • Control over where to add weight - exactly where you need it
  • CNC machined billet ABS barrels for maximum weight reduction and durability
  • Large inner wheel diameter for adding weights
  • Delrin center ring for durable and lightweight construction
  • Performance cut CNC machined center ring design to maximum weight reduction and reduce rotational mass
  • Carbon fiber faceplate for superb looks and lightweight performance
  • New smooth barrel lip style for sliding through rocks
  • XT6 V2 alum hubs are lightweight and fit driveshafts using M4 and M5 wheel nuts
  • Alum hubs, 12.9-grade hardware, and 7mm wheel wrench adapter included







Author:Joel Berones

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