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Boom Racing 2.2" ProBuild Customizable Beadlock Wheels

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All custom ProBuild wheels are built to your specification. Once an order is placed, the build process takes up to 7 business days. Please allow for extra time for us to prepare your custom wheels.

We will notify you once there is a tracking number available. We understand this is a longer process than ordering off the rack, but with many proven satisfied customers, the extra time is well worth it!

We are proud to say that ProBuild wheels are the most customizable offroad wheel in R/C. There are hundreds of interchangeable parts and it is impossible for us to keep everything in stock. We are constantly replenishing out-of-stock parts. If an item is discontinued, it will be removed from the drop-down selection.

The computer-generated images are for your reference only. Actual wheels are much nicer, guaranteed!

Note: The ProBuild Customization Tool page is priced PER wheel. For example, if you want a set of wheels plus a spare, select Number of Wheels to 5.

Custom Probuild wheels are interchangeable with ready set ProBuild wheels. All ProBuild parts are interchangeable with each other.



The idea behind PROBUILD was to find a way to make a fully customizable and adjustable wheel with multiple setup options. Today, that sounds really smart, but back when we started most people thought we were crazy. That’s alright, everything has its time!



In order to provide a platform to express individuality and creativity, we created this ProBuild Customization Tool page by offering user-selectable components. Choose the exact parts you desire and build your own unique wheels that are like no one else's.



Quality off-road wheels are not always affordable. Most of us save our money to get a nice set. Deciding on the right set of wheels can end up being a scary and expensive learning lesson. Our proprietary customizable design completely removes any fear of getting another set of wheels that are “almost right”. We took into consideration all of the desirable wheel features - style, color, offset, material, total width, weight, hub size, hardware styling, etc., and provide the options to adjust the wheel to the way you like.


What makes PROBUILD probuild?

  • High changeability, unlimited possibilities
  • Built-in offset options
  • Revolutionary and cutting edge designs
  • Engineered to the exact specifications of world-class drivers


With unlimited combinations of colors, faceplates, multiple offset options, etc, ProBuild wheels is a game-changing design for how we build and match custom rigs. No longer are we stuck with a full set of wheels that remain the same for too long.



  • Diameter: 2.2"
  • Width: Standard 36.5mm (1.437") / Extra Wide 43mm (1.693")
  • Inner Wheel Clearance: 52.5mm (Barrel)
  • See the Weight section below the drop-down selections



  • 2.2" Crawler Tires
  • Any driveshafts using M4 or M5 locknuts (ProBuild 2.2" wheels use XT6 V2 Hubs)


What's Included (per wheel):

  • 1x Alum Barrel (Front)*
  • 1x Alum Barrel (Rear)*
  • 1x Alum Beadlock Center Piece*
  • 1x Alum Faceplate
  • 1x Steel Lock Ring
  • 1x Alum Wheel Hub Adapter
  • 20x Socket Cap or Scale Hex or Mag Seat Screw
  • 6x M2.5x8 12.9-Grade Socket Cap Screw
  • 3x M2x14 12.9-Grade Socket Cap Pilot Screw
  • 1x M4 Nyloc Nut
  • 1x M5 Nyloc Nut
  • 7mm to 8mm (Thin-Walled) Steel Nut Driver Tool #BRT10056 **
  • 2mm Scale Socket Driver Thumb Tool for M2 Scale Hex Screws #BRT10049 ***
  • 2.5mm Socket Driver Thumb Tool for M2 Scale Mag Seat Lug Nut #BRPROB-16 ***
  • 3.0mm Socket Driver Thumb Tool for M2.5 Scale Mag Seat Lug Nut #BRPROB-17 ***
  • 1x Decal Sheet

*Barrel sizes and Beadlock Center Piece sizes depend on selected wheel width.

**One piece is included for each pair of wheels.

***One piece is included when corresponding scale hardware is selected.


Optional Wheel Hub Adapter Sizes:

  • XT6 (6-Lug)
    • 1.5mm Pin (no hex) #BRXT6015PINV2 (most narrow)
    • 1mm #BRXT601V2
    • 4mm #BRXT604V2
    • 6mm #BRXT606V2
    • 8mm #BRXT608V2
    • 12mm #BRXT612V2
    • 16mm #BRXT616V2 (widest)


7mm to 8mm (Thin-Walled) Steel Nut Driver Adapter (#BRT10056)

This is a hardened steel 7mm to 8mm socket nut wrench adapter. Eliminate the need for an 8mm socket nut wrench. This thin-walled 8mm (10.5mm) wrench adapter fits the Boom Racing XT6 V2 hubs. Use this if your vehicle uses M5 locknuts for the drive shafts.

We believe everyone in RC should have this in their toolboxes, and so for every pair of the upcoming ProBuild wheels, we are including one 7mm to 8mm (Thin-Walled) Steel Nut Driver Adapter each, which means you will get two of them for every set of ProBuild 2.2" wheels.


Build your beadlock wheels exactly the way you want like a Pro!

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