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Road To Boom Racing RG6HK For Siput Park Trophy


The Asian Scale Invasion RC crawling event is just around the corner. We’ve talked to one group who are attending the event - the Sitput Park Trophy from Malaysia, to give us an update on how they are preparing for the event.

Shahrin Mandalam represents the Siput Park Trophy (Siput means snail in Malay). This group of hardcore trailers and crawlers was formed late 2014. They consistently have weekly trailing sessions which are held in various locations in and around Kuala Lumpur. Currently they have close to a hundred members in Malaysia.

Over the course of two years, they have made achievements by having contestants from Indonesia join their local competition. Shahrin said the feeling of having overseas contestants joining their local competition was extremely awesome and fulfilling. He is right; the excitment and exhilarating rush you get from organizing an international event is incredible.

"Ever since we started our very own Siput Park Trophy crawler competition, we have always dreamt of making it to an internationally recognized competition", says Shahrin.



Playing host to those coming from overseas, you want to represent your country and make sure people have fun at the same time. “We can’t really help to wonder whether we had done justice to the Indonesians by making it an enjoyable competition for them to be in.”

Next week, the Siput Park Trophy members will have the chance to experience a much bigger international competition when they participate in the Boom Racing Asian Scale Invasion Recon G6 Hong Kong, with contestants coming from all over the world including Hong Kong, United States, Canada, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, Guam, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Europe and more. For those who are interested to organize their own international crawling events, this event can provide some insights and experiences for those who wish to organize similar ones. "The Boom Racing Asian Scale Invasion is the best platform for the Siputers to learn and experience how an international competition is organized”, says Shahrin.

There will be many other popular drivers, manufacturers and social media savvy scale heads attending this November 12-13 event. We've seen lots of great videos and pictures on the internet. But this time, we get to meet everyone and check out other drivers’ rigs. The Siput Park Trophy members can’t wait to trade their skills with the best and are looking forward to see how they measure up to the biggest names in the crawler world.



As of right now, the preparations from their group have reached its peak. The weekly trail activity was carried out a few days ago and now the preparations for the event proceeds to testing their rigs, to tweak and fine tune them so they can be proud to stand side-by-side with the best.

"We are very sure we will have tons of fun, meet new buddies, and meet Brian Parker! We hope to have a safe outing for the Siput Boys. Good luck to us all. We will be there and we will rock this comp!" Says Shahrin.

G6 is a lifestyle, you must experience it to know what it means. We hope this event can provide that and create awareness for the industry, and to attract more people into this fun and healthy hobby. We can't wait to meet you all!


Author:Jason T.

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