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Shop Legendary Axial SCX10 Aftermarket Upgrades


As Axial SCX10 continues to grow in prominence and RC driving influence, here we present a whole set of legendary aftermarket upgrades for your SCX10.

Bearings are crucial to a model's overall performance. Boom Racing is set to provide you the best options for upgrading our SCX10. They produce full ball bearing sets with the hardest metal that you could ever find for RC products and they never rust. Also they are probably the smoothest bearings you can possibly get and they won't break. For full ball bearings set like this, of course they should be ranking on the top of your upgrading list.

Unlike drift cars that they focus more on speed, movement is the spirit of crawlers. GPM and TopCad both explored a lot on improving a crawler's performance. The top four upgrades that will provide you amazing changes are steel main shaft, steel center drive gears with bearing, 1.9 high mass aluminum wheel and tire set and last but not the least, aluminum piggyback shock sets. They all fit perfectly and easy to install. They will provide your car the most suitable travel and smoothest operation.

What about parts? Should we always stick to stock ones? How about alloy ones? For crawlers that run on stones all the time, for sure we need stronger upgrades which will also provide extra flexibilities. Aluminum is not only a material that is fairly ductile, it also pretty light weighted. Boom Racing now has just released a new aluminum upgrade combo for your SCX10. Below is a list of the upgrades included:

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Author:Sharon Lan

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