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Tamiya TA06 Aluminum Upgrades By Boom Racing


TA06 is already well-known for its optimum weight distribution and inboard dampers, but Boom Racing takes TA06 to the next level with its aluminum upgrades.

Tamiya started the modern touring car standard with the TA-01, which was first released in 1992. This 6th generation Tamiya 4WD touring car chassis kit places a focus on optimum weight distribution when paired with brushless motors and light weight batteries. The battery pack and motor are positioned along the centerline of the slim monocoque frame and the Dual-Drive system features belt-driven front and gear-driven rear wheels to provide efficient, yet sharp power transfer. The front suspension can be assembled as an IFS setup with inboard dampers and rocker arms optimized for short reversible suspension arms or a standard outboard damper set up.

To make your TA06 even more invincible, you'll need to change some main parts to aluminum ones. Aluminum upgrades will not only add extra durability and flexibility to your model, for a cool model like this, these shining parts will also add a lot more attractiveness. Tamiya also considered that when building the car so they've helped us upgrade two already. Aluminum turnbuckle shafts and aluminum ball connectors are included with the TA06 Pro kit.

The follow list of aluminum upgrades are what Boom Racing is providing you this time:

Upgrade your touring car with above parts and make it your invincible 4WD machine.

Author:Sharon Lan

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