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Team Losi Night Crawler Aftermarket Upgrades


It's here! The aftermarket parts for Team Losi's Night Crawler has finally arrived at Asiatees! Let's check out these parts!

Boom Racing have finally rolled out with all the essential upgrades for your Losi Night Crawler, ranging from steering linkage to C-hubs and rear outer hubs. Asiatees now has all of these parts exclusively from Boom Racing! These parts are beautifully anodized in orange and are machined to precision. Get these upgrades NOW for an noticeable difference in your Night Crawler's performance and durability. Below are a list of parts for the Night Crawler:

  • NTI024BOR - Aluminum Chassis Linkage Mount (4Pcs)
  • NTI331OR - Aluminum Transmission Skid Plate (1Pcs)
  • NTI049BOR - Aluminum Lower Chassis Link (4Pcs)
  • NTI049AOR - Aluminum Upper Chassis Link(4Pcs)
  • NTI048OR - Aluminum Steering Linkage (3Pcs)
  • NTI031OR - Aluminum Body Posts (4Pcs)
  • NTI025OR - Aluminum ESC Mount Plate (1Pcs)
  • NTI024AOR - Aluminum Servo Mount Plate (1Pcs)
  • NTI022OR - Aluminum Rear Outer Hub (2Pcs)
  • NTI021OR - Aluminum Front Knuckle (2Pcs)
  • NTI019OR - Aluminum C-Hub (2Pcs)

Author:Michael Yeung

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