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Top 4 Boom Racing Upgrades for Axial SCX10


There are countless upgrades for the SCX10, so many in fact that you need to choose strategically what you want to upgrade. That choice starts here, with our top 4 upgrades for the SCX10.

This performance combo includes the front C-hub, steering block, linkage & rear knuckles. The design of this performance combo is to improve the steering performance of your SCX10. Let's check out these top 4 upgrades for your SCX10.

1. Aluminum Front C-hub
The aluminum front C-hub is the direct replacement over the plastics one. This C-Hub fits to Axial SCX10 axles and are designed to work with the front steering arm, which increases the strength and provides more responsive steering.

2. Aluminum Front Steering Knuckle
These steering blocks mount the front steering area and support the front axles. This upgrade will get more steering angle for your car so you can have a more realistic steering behavior and a better steering performance when climbing the rocks.

3. Aluminum Steering Link
The front C-hub and front steering knuckles give more protectionto the front steering area, which acts as a good foundation for the next steering setup - the aluminum steering link. It improves the durability and smooths out your steering. It is usually included in the combo setup with the steering knuckle since the plastic steering parts break and bend easily when your SCX10 falls from high cliffs.

4. Aluminum Rear Knuckle
It is another direct replacement part for the knuckle that gives better protection for the rear axles. It will increase the strength and and fix the main weak points of the rear wheel base of your SCX10.

Author:Tim Cheung

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