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Top 5 Aluminum Upgrades For HPI E-Firestorm 10T


Thanks to Firestorm 10T, HPI got itself into the crowd of "great two-wheel drive stadium truck brands". Thanks to Boom Racing, now this model can be even tougher.

You may have heard that E-Firestorm 10T is such a strong car that it never breaks. Well, compared with most of the other 1/10th scale trucks, we all admit that E-Firestorm 10T is a tough car. What you may have not heard is that a tough car like this needs better parts. Aluminum knuckle arms and C-hubs are not only parts that are stronger than the stock ones; the well-designed Boom Racing knuckle arms and C-hubs will also give the car better angles so when the racer is in the field, more possibilities are provided. In another way, with a perspicacity swerve, you can effectively avoid crashing into some corners or rocks.

Thick shock towers, front or rear, are also very important for the truck, since the shocks and the body mounts are mounted at the shock towers. Suspension arms are another part you should upgrade since they play a very important role when it comes to the weight transfer. Upgrade your car with the aluminum parts now and get the durability you need. Oh you finally noticed that except for extra durability, you also get the bling look for your trucks? Yes, aluminum parts will definitely look great, especially if you are driving under the sun, lights or even with rain drops.

Let's see what the top five upgrades are that can turn your car into a beast:

Author:Sharon Lan

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