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Top 5 Christmas Gifts Of 2014


Are you looking for some Christmas gifts for your friends and loved ones? Look no further! Here are our Top five Christmas Gifts to get!

With the Christmas Season coming up, it's important to know exactly what your options are. Whether you want to buy a gift for your kids, your loved one, or for yourself, all of those options can be found on our site! Are you looking for an entire RC Car Kit/RTR? Maybe some upgrade parts? A drone perhaps? Check out some of our most popular choices (Photos can also be found above or through the links below, so make sure you look)!

1. Syma X5C Explorers 2.4G Quadcopter Drone

This Syma X5C Drone is one of our latest additions! This little baby is pretty impressive, with a HD video camera included in the drone that has a lasting time of about 30 minutes (both photo and video capabilities), and a lot of special movement functions that can be used for aerial aerobatics. A 3.7V 500mAH LiPo battery is included, with an additional 650mAH LiPo battery popped in there for additional flight time. The controlling distance is about 50 meters, so you have a good measure of distance to control your drone. The 6-axis system allows hand-launching and extra stability during heavy conditions. The X5C is truly an explorer's drone, capable of taking footage wherever you decide. One of the best beginner drone at the moment, that is why it is our first choice for the Top 5 Christmas Gifts of 2014.

2. Firelap 1/28 2WD RC Car SALEEN S7 Silver

The 1/28 2WD RC RTR Saleen S7 by Firelap is a small scale RC car made with fun in mind. With a speed of up to 20km/h stock, you definitely can't go wrong with this purchase. The transmitter included is 3CH, with every ready-to-run. The car is about 126mm in length, and 65-76mm in width, depending on which model you get. (There's a few different ones, so check them all out here). This would make a great gift for you or your kids! Perfect Christmas gift for this winter season!

3. FlySky FS GT4 2.4Ghz 4CH RC Radio System with LiPo Battery and Big Touch Screen

The FlySky iT4 remote should be on everyone's wishlist this year! Immensely popular with the RC car crowd, this remote has everything you need. This 4-channel transmitter provides the precision every driver wishes they had. On top of that, it's touch screen! You heard me, touch screen! Included in this unit is the radio controller, a FlySky iT4 4CH receiver, a FS-BA1200 LiPo battery, a Stylus, user manual, Temperature telemetry, and External voltage telemetry. If you're looking to boost your RC Car racing experience, this is what you need. One of the best Christmas gift you can get for yourself as a driver!

4. Boom Racing SJ6000 Full HD 1080P Camera

The SJ6000 by Boom Racing was made with accessibility in mind. Ever wanted to catch footage of your car in action from the ground? Wanted to catch a first-person view of your vehicle's driving experience? The SJ6000 provides all of that and more! The lens of this SJ6000 camera is wide angled, and the video format comes ou in AVI. Featuring up to 1080P resolution at 30FPS, this camera will capture crisp and smooth footage for you throughout your adventures. The little camera unit also has Wifi support so that you can transfer images and share albums on your mobile appliances. But if you don't want to use a phone to see footage? No problem, a mini crystal display is available on the back so you can check your footage and see how you're doing on the go. You can take single shots, timer-based shots, or continuous video footage. This bad boy also has a recording time of about 90 minutes at 1080P, and takes about 2 hours to fully charge. It also comes with a huge chunk of accessories, like a waterproof case, a waterproof case bracket, a helmet seat, power adapters, a bike bracket, and a multifunction clip. Check it out, it is better than GoPro!

5. 3Racing Sakura D3 CS Sport 1/10 Drift Car Pre-assembled

The drift car that the entire team here at AsiaTees adore. The 3Racing Sakura D3 CS Sports is one of our absolute favorites, and it's no question that this drift car packs a nasty punch on the track. Featuring a true Front Motor and Triple Belt Drive Train, this set-up will bring the vehicle closer to a real life drift car's weight distribution. The front arms of the Sakura D3 has been redesigned to provide the maximum counter steer action available. The angle on the C-hubs featured have a massive 10 degree angle, allowing more aggressive steering on high speed conditions. Check this car out if you want an edge on the track! No doubt, it is still one of the best drift car out there at the moment, and it is the best Christmas gift you can get for your son.

As a PSA, if you'd like any of your orders to arrive before the 24th of December this year, you'll have to make all purchases before the 8th of December for Standard airmail, and 18th of December for DHL/FedEx, as the postal services will be down due to the Christmas day.

For more information on our Christmas sales, check out this link below and get ready for the greatest holiday ever!

Author:Christopher Chu

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