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Top 5 Night Crawler Upgrades From Boom Racing


As the name implies, the Losi Night Crawler can even crawl at night. To keep your Night Crawler safe from any unexpected nasty fall during your night adventure, Boom Racing has got some solid upgrade parts that will keep your crawler intact.

For a car that will run in the dark, we have two tips for it. First one is the car must be strong enough. It's quite different from day time if you ever raced in the dark. You can't tell if there's a rock lying in front of you or you are about to hit the curb. Durability and easy handling now become important than ever. Upgrade the key parts to aluminum ones and they will provide the durable and smooth operation without binding. Then you can hit the rocks at any time, in the light or in the dark.

Another tip is that you definitely want your car look obviously and extremely standout in the dark, or the very opposite. Glitter aluminum upgrades will help you achieve that with no doubt. Boom Racing has made us four popular colors - orange, black, silver and gun metal. Orange and silver ones will really make your car look stunning in the dark. Gun metal and black, however, will make your Night Crawler a mysterious life that shuttle in the forest. All the aluminum upgrades are exclusively from Boom Racing.

Get these upgrades NOW for a non-ignorable difference in your Night Crawler's performance and durability.

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Author:Sharon Lan

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