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Complete Universal Body Mount Set

Product Model: BRX01

Part #: BRLC7070

Weight: 86 Gram


Price: USD $32.90

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This is a set of complete universal body mount set for the BRX01 chassis. This part enables almost all types of lexan bodies to be fitted onto the BRX01 chassis. You can mount most 313mm SUV and pick-up style bodies with this universal body mount set. The design of the mount is highly adjustable, with enough body post length to mount onto SUV trucks and low enough to be mounted on the bed of pick-ups.

The high quality DuPont® plastic strengthens the body post structure. The billet aluminum CNC machined body post mounts are finished with silver-edge lining, adding a beautiful touch to complete the look of the chassis.

Included is a set of six DuPont® plastic body clip with handle. The clip and handle have ergonomic designs to be easily installed and removed. It features a small footprint for great scale looks.


  • Highly adjustable complete body mount set
  • Universal fit for SUV and pick-up truck bodies
  • Billet CNC aluminum body mounts
  • High quality silver-edged finish
  • Durable and strong DuPont® plastic
  • All spare parts individually available

  • 1x Front Left & Right Aluminum Body Post Mount
  • 1x Rear Left & Right Aluminum Body Post Mount
  • 2x 115mm Post
  • 2x 60mm Post
  • 1x Front Bridge
  • 1x Rear Bridge
  • 1x Cross Bridge
  • 1x Foam Tape
  • 12x M3x12 Set Screw
  • 6x M3x8 Round Cap Screw
  • 2x M3x10 Round Cap Screw
  • 2x M3x8 Counter Sunk Screw
  • 6x Post Body Clip
  • 6x Body Clip Handle

Optional Part:
  • Rear Quick Release Hinge Mount #BRLC7071

Spare Part:
  • Universal Body Post #BRT10041
  • Aluminum Front Body Post Mount (2) #BRLC7067
  • Aluminum Rear Body Post Mount (2) #BRLC7068
  • Body Post Clip With Handle (6) #BRT10040

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