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[Video] Boom Racing KRAIT 1.9 Adjustable Weighted Beadlock Ring Installation Tutorial


Boom Racing recently released an all-new Weighted Wheel Ring System for their KRAIT wheels. Here is a video on how to install this excellent product onto your wheels.

This product provides a system that allows you to precisely adjust the weight of your beadlock wheels individually. For those people out there that are wondering how this system works and how it's installed, this video shows you how they are put together put together.

Having more extra weight on your beadlock wheels give you more traction and better performance. This system allows you to adjust the amount of weights you wish to put on.

Boom Racing delivers again with another extreme performance upgrade part with an excellent design and practical usage. The system is straight forward and fits many wheels on the market also.

This video explains how it all works.



Author:Ricky M

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