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[VIDEO] Boom Racing Mono Shock System & 007-BR V2 Gyro


In this quick video, we show off the Boom Racing Mono Shock System and the 007-BR V2 Gyro!

The Boom Racing D4 Mono Shock System is one of those upgrades that is really important for your 3Racing Sakura D4. The entire purpose of this shock setup is to provide more on-road traction. The energy transfer from wheel to the other during turns or leaning allows you to never lose power or traction. You also adjust the ride height independently with one shock. The entire system installs very easily onto your rig and coems with everything necessary to get it going.

Boom Racing also has their 007-BR V2 Gyrowhich is a necessary item for your RWD drift cars, especially the Sakura D4 RWD. It helps ease the movements and steering for your rig, allowing you to make graceful turns and execute precision-marked lines. The 007-BR V2 gyro is easy to setup, plug and play, and also comes with a bracket that allows you to swap your one 007-BR V2 gyro between different cars, so you only need to buy one unit of it, and you can save money on other upgrades!

Check out the video and we hope you enjoy! Click the Shop Now button below to find all of our items for the D4 RWD, or click on the links above to find each individual part!


Author:Chris Chu

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