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[Video] New Boom Racing Snail Slime Hustler Tire In Action On Dif


Boom Racing new top grade performance crawler tire - HUSTLER M/T Xtreme 1.9 class tire with their new super sticky SNAIL SLIME compound available for pre-order.  

They come with some two-stage open/closed foams, and are available in two different compounds, soft and super soft. The Boom Racing HUSTLER M/T Xtreme 1.9 Crawler Tires with 2-Stage Foams is made for extreme all-round crawling on rocks, mud and sand. Performance and scale are all packed into one fantastic tire. It uses Boom Racing's proprietary rubber formula SNAIL SLIME™, which is a super sticky compound to provide great grip and traction suited for RC crawling.

The aggressive biting sidewall tread on the outer wall can climb any ledges and shelves, even slick granite on just the sidewall.

The tire will go through mud like no other with its self-clean feature, and rock climbing capabilities is top notch. If you are looking for an extreme crawling tire, look no further than the HUSTLER M/TX.

Super sticky SNAIL SLIME ™ compound providing great grip and traction.
Self-clean feature for sand and debris out of the tread to help prevent caking and clogging in the tread on muddy trails.
Sidewalls are reinforced on the inside for great side hill capabilities.
Open-cell / closed-cell 2-stage foam prevents the tire from folding under pressure.
Very tall and big lugs with deep tread to grab rocks like gangbusters.
Scale details on the tire like wear bars between the lugs and scale details on the tire face.
The included 2-Stage open-cell/closed-cell foam combo provides the perfect factory setting for the HUSTLER tire.

Height 4.45" or 113mm
Width 1.57" or 40mm

2x HUSTLER M/T Xtreme crawler tires
2x 2-Stage Open Cell/Closed Cell foam inserts
1x Decal Sheet

Compound: Snail Slime™

Made in Taiwan

MSRP: $24.99 (Available in Soft and Super Soft)









 Owner: Anthony A Roldan (Massachusetts, USA)


Owner: ATees Hobbies


Owner: Josh Wilson (Ontario, Canada)


  Owner: Jeff Garcia (California, USA)


  Owner: Bert Manansala (Guam)


  Owner: Bert Manansala (Guam)


Owner: Bert Manansala (Guam)


Owner: Leo Lam (Hong Kong)


Owner: Farid Rashid (Malaysia)



 Owner: Illya Maertens (Netherlands)


Owner: Illya Maertens (Netherlands)


Author:Ricky M

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