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[VIDEO] Sakura D4 RWD Boom Racing Steering Upgrades


The Sakura D4 is an excellent drifter, capable of AWD or RWD setups. Well it's time to upgrade the steering with some aluminum upgrades from Boom Racing!

We received a package coming from ATees with some good stuff inside for the Sakura D4 RWD. This time, the steering is due for an upgrade, using Boom Racing's Aluminum Front Knuckles for the D4, and Boom Racing's Adjustable Steering Assembly for the D4.

Boom Racing offers you a list of possibilities to upgrade the Sakura D4 (AWD or RWD). First, we install the aluminum knuckles, in pink of course, to have more setup choice. We are looking for more angle for the knuckle rotation.

Next, we noticed that on the stock steering, it was missing one important setup. Boom Racing solved this problem with their new aluminum Adjustable Steering Assembly. The upgrade gives us a great looking part with the possibility to adjust the ackermann with a central rod, blocked by 2 bolts to strengthen the whole steering unit.

You don't like pink? No problem! Boom Racing also has these upgrades in silver and gunmetal! Let's see the assembly of these parts in this RCTutos #112 video! The video is in French, but you can turn on Captions for the video in English!


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