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[Video] The Ultimate Scale TLC Build


A new Toyota Land Cruiser project started at The goal was to build the ultimate scale performance truck. Three months later, the TLC Build is here.

Here I have built a scale looking LC70 body with some of the new option extra upgrade parts that have just been released by Killerbody. I will talk about all the parts I have fitted to this LC70 and the things they can do. All these optional parts are a great touch to make this already awesome body even more incredible. I will list all the part numbers I have used for this build at the bottom.

Truck Bed Kit:
Let’s start with the rear bed for this rig it is a direct fit to the Cab so all you do is remove the original rear truck bed and bolt the new one on after painting it. This new truck bed has actual locking catch and opening side and rear panels as standard. If that’s still not enough there are also a few more things you can get and bolt onto this truck bed such as a Roll Cage for the bed, Awning Cloth and Metal Fenders. This new truck bed looks great and the build quality is very good and it also comes with all the mounting hardware to attach everything.

For the Cab Killerbody have stepped up there game with some incredible realistic looking and functional optional extra parts that I think are a must have if you have this body.

Interior Kit:
 Let me start with the interior seats that are made out of soft rubber plastic with a hard plastic back. You can move the backrest, slides them forwards and backward and headrest that you can move up and down. The armrest in the middle has a lid that you can open. The steering wheel can be moved up and down or forwards and backwards and if you want even more realism there will be another kit available at later date. This kit will allow you to fit a servo to it and when you steer the car the steering wheel will move at the same time. The best part and most eye catching thing about the interior I think has to be the illuminated instrument dials that are included in the interior kit but the light control unit is bought separately. Moving wipers will also be available at later date.      

Door Kit:
In the door kit you get the door hinges and with the door catch and they have even thought of a spring loaded door popper. In this kit you will also get actual mechanism that allows you to wind the windows up and down. I think that is attention to details and there are no kits like that out there on the market.

Hood/Bonnet Kit
In this kit you will get the hinges so you can open the hood and the hood prop. This is not like other kits on the market that use a magnet to hold the hood down this system actually has a hood catch that you actually have to push to release the hood. To make the hood easier to open they have incorporated a spring loaded hood poppers that is a nice extra touch.

For the exterior they have made a load of different option parts from loads of different wheel arches side steps that are available at later date  

Here are all the links of the parts I used for this build:

  • Killerbody LC70 Body Kit
  • Truck Bed
  • Bed Roll Cage
  • Rear Fenders with Rubber Mud Flaps
  • Cab Interior
  • Door Hinges with Winding Windows
  • Hood/Bonnet Hinge Kit
  • Side Step Panel
  • Boom Racing Wheels Front / Rear
  • Boom Racing 1.55" SP Road Tracker Tires
  • OB1 V3.1 LED
  • Click here for all the other LC70 parts and products

Click here to browse all the above products:

Stay tuned on more updates on how the chassis is built.

































Author:Ricky M

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