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All-New BRX02 Scale Performance Chassis

Ships on or before 23 Jan, 2022 PST. Numbered plates start from 001 on a first-come-first-served basis. Limited first batch still available while stock lasts.

Our Product Lines


The BRX01™ is our performance-based crawler chassis. The unique "stock truck" appearance combines performance and scale features into a single groundbreaking vehicle. Packed with exciting features such as the ability to shift gears on the fly, superior low CG crawling capabilities, a compact yet powerful drivetrain, and lots of optional accessories - the BRX01™ is fine enough to be a shelf queen and badass enough to be a beast on the trails!

ProBuild Wheels

Build your wheels exactly the way you want with ProBuild™ beadlock wheels (patent pending).
The idea behind ProBuild™ was to find a way to make a fully customizable and adjustable wheel with multiple setup options. With built-in adjustable offsets and hundreds of optional accessories, ProBuild™ takes away the fear of getting another set of wheels that are “almost right”.
Today that sounds really smart, but back when we started, people thought we were crazy. That's alright, everything has its time!


The KUDU brand is Boom Racing’s spin-off line of premium R/C products that aim to create and improve industry standards with the highest possible specifications and quality control. Our engineers are given the freedom to create and design exciting new products from the ground up, often working directly with hobbyists to achieve high levels of consistent product improvements. All products under the KUDU name are designed in-house, with originality and functionality as top features.


The HUSTLER™ tire is the next generation of extreme performance scale crawling tires. Our proprietary rubber formula SNAIL SLIME™ - a superior super soft and sticky compound, provides excellent grip and traction formulated specifically for extreme crawling. All HUSTLER™ tires include dual-stage open/closed insert foams.
Available in seven sizes for 1.55", 1.9", and 2.2" wheels, and in soft, super-soft, and ultra-soft compounds.


PHAT™ Axle is our heavy-duty scale truck solid axle line. Packed with many desirable solid axle features by combining high-performance parts with ultra-scale realism designs. Our axles deliver incredible power using innovative heavy-duty gears and proprietary BADASS™ driveshafts. PHAT™ housings are made from high-precision molds. Available in complete axles and individual parts.

Muscle Winch

Muscle Winch™ is a dedicated and fully waterproofed internal servo winch with an integrated free spool unit. Designed from the ground up, the Muscle Winch™ delivers strong pulling power and reliable performance for any R/C builds.

Optional Muscle Winch accessories are available.


KRAIT Wheels

KRAIT™ wheels are multiple-time U4RC World Champions, with a proven record of winning many national races and top podium finishes around the world. KRAIT™ wheels are Recon G6 certified - only the toughest products that survive the grueling 12-hour Recon G6 "The Fix" event are given this badge.

Five styles are now available, including TE37, Terra, Sandstorm, Venomous and Golem.

Available in 1.0", 1.55", 1.9" and 2.2" sizes and in multiple anodized colors.


The MAXGRAPPLER™ is our scale and performance-based crawler tire series that is designed for ultra-scale builds that won't just be shelf queens. Fully ribbed rubber carcass developed for tire profile strength. Our proprietary Gekko™ compound is one of the softest rubbers available (no joke!) providing sticky traction best for rock crawling.

Available in multiple 1.0", 1.55" and 1.9" sizes and in Black (super soft) and Red (soft) compounds.

Rock Monster

Originated from Arizona U.S.A, Rock Monster™ silicone insert is one of the first legitimate solutions to get more performance out of our ultra-scale, top-heavy vehicles. The idea behind a silicone insert is that foam inserts couldn't hold the weight of increasingly heavier trucks with smaller tires. Rock Monster™ can hold the weight of top-heavy trucks better than foams and can do things traditional inserts cannot. On top of that, they are waterproof and last a lot longer too!

Python Black

The Python Black™ axle mounted servo is a trailblazer in the genre of RC car servos. We challenged the status quo by re-engineering the age-old standard servo that was designed over 30 years ago. Its radical design with the "ears" cut off makes it more compact with a smaller footprint, and a stealth matte black aluminum case camouflages it from plain sight.

Originally designed for the BRX01™ chassis, we now offer adapters for those who want to run the axle-mounted servo setup for their vehicles.

Our Rubber Compounds

Gekko™ Compound

Gekko compound is soft and sticky, developed specifically for R/C crawling & trailing. Used in many of our tires including Mud Terrain Trophy, MAXGRAPPLER, SP Road Tracker, Mileage Classic, and more to come. Available in Black (Super Soft) and Red (Soft) compounds.

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Snail Slime™ Compound

Our proprietary rubber formula Snail Slime is a super sticky and durable compound, providing amazing grip and traction developed for extreme crawling. Available in soft, super soft, and ultra soft compounds.

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