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Boom Racing Latest Updates

Boom Racing Forward ESC Mounting Plate For BRX01

This Forward ESC Mounting Plate neatly relocates the ESC to the front of the BRX01 chassis.

Boom Racing BRX01 Complete Universal Body Mount Set

Thinking of mounting the Boom Racing BRX01 chassis on a lexan body? This Complete Universal Body Mount Set is a must! Check it out.

Boom Racing BRX01 Rear Quick Release Hinge Mount

This aluminum Rear Quick Release Body Mount option enables the rear body hinge system when using the BRX01 Universal Body Mount set.

Boom Racing XT5 Aluminum Wheel Hub Adapter Series

Boom Racing releases their 5-Lug billet aluminum wheel hub adapters in four different offset sizes.

Boom Racing Scale 4WD Center Locking Hub Cover (2)

Boom Racing releases a new scale 4wd center locking hub cover for their 1.55 and 1.9 beadlock wheels.

Boom Racing Releases Extra Wide 1.9 TE37XD KRAIT Beadlock Wheels

This all-new extra wide (40mm/1.57in) 1.9 KRAIT beadlock wheel features beefier look and improves sidewall conformity.

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