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Over the years, R/C crawlers have become more realistic in terms of performance and scale features. To date, the crawler hobby industry hasn't seen a high performance "daily driver" – what we industry junkies describe as a 1:1 vehicle that can be purchased from the dealership, a truck without a suspension lift and big tires. So we set out to produce this truck - a performance-based.


Build your wheels precisely the way you want with our ProBuild Wheels [Patent Pending].
The idea behind PROBUILD was to find a way to make a fully customizable and adjustable wheel with multiple setup options. Today that sounds really smart, but back when we started, most people thought we were crazy. That's alright, everything has its time!


The HUSTLER tire series is our next generation of extreme performance scale crawling tires. It comes in our trusted proprietary rubber formula SNAIL SLIME™, a super sticky compound, providing excellent grip and traction best suited for RC crawling. Includes 2-stage open/closed foams developed in-house.
There are seven HUSTLER sizes available - in soft, super-soft, and ultra-soft softness.

Phat Axle

PHAT Axle is our heavy-duty scale truck solid axles, combining high-performance features with ultra-scale realism. All PHAT Axles are metal housings made from high-precision molds and packed with many desirable solid axle features.

Muscle Winch

Muscle Winch™ is a dedicated and fully waterproofed internal servo winch with an integrated free spool unit. Designed from the ground up, the Muscle Winch™ delivers strong pulling power and reliable performance for any R/C builds.



The KRAIT wheels are multiple-time U4RC World Champion, with a proven track record winning many national races and podium finishes throughout the United States. The KRAIT wheels are Recon G6 certified - only the toughest products that can hold up to the grueling 12-hour Recon G6 "The Fix" event can be certified



The MAXGRAPPLER is our scale and performance-based tire suitable for ultra-scale builds that won't just be shelf queens. Available in both 1.55" and 1.9" sizes and in different sizes, the MAXGRAPPLER is developed specifically for RC crawling & trailing. The rubber internal is fully ribbed for tire profile strength. It comes in our proprietary Gekko compound that is soft and sticky.

Rock Monster

The idea behind a silicone insert is that foam inserts couldn't hold the weight of increasingly heavier trucks with smaller tires. Rock Monster silicone inserts are the first legitimate solution to get more performance out of our ultra-scale trucks. Designed initially in Arizona U.S.A, Rock Monster silicone inserts hold the heavier rigs' weight, are waterproof, and long-lasting.

Python Black

The PYTHON BLACK Axle Mounted Servo is a pioneer of the servo genre. We challenged the status quo, reengineering the standard RC servo that was designed over 30 years ago. This compact Axle Mounted Servo has a radical design with the "ears" cut off for a smaller footprint and a stealth matte black aluminum case to camouflage it


Our Rubber Compounds

Gekko™ Compound

Gekko compound is soft and sticky, developed specifically for R/C crawling & trailing. Used in many of our tires including Mud Terrain Trophy, MAXGRAPPLER, SP Road Tracker, Mileage Classic, and more to come.

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Snail Slime™ Compound

Our proprietary rubber formula Snail Slime is a super sticky and durable compound, providing amazing grip and traction developed for extreme crawling. Available in soft, super soft, and ultra soft compounds.

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