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Boom Racing 2014 Fall 1/8 Buggy Wheel & Desert Tire Set


Following the scale accessories published just this month, Boom Racing brings us more of its new series of the 1/8 buggy wheel and desert tire sets.

When we buy tires, we should never pay attention only to the materials, because we also want to make sure the design is good and will suit with different terrains. For example, if we are racing on grass or sand, we would want the tires seem to be able to float over the grass or have a good grip over the sand, so the car will run through as it was running on pavements. Especially when it comes to 1/8th scale models or even bigger ones, the design of the tires are very important. Boom Racing 1/8 buggy wheels and tires have reached a balance of both durability enough traction. The large lugs will keep the car running smoothly on sand and finding their grips at the same time.

Below is a list of the tires showed up in the picture:

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Author:Sharon Lan

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