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Boom Racing Ceramic Ball Bearings


So you think that the bearings on your car are not performing the way it should? Here we recommend you Boom Racing's ceramic ball bearing - guarantee you'll get the bang for your buck!

Ball bearings appear small, but as part of the core of any R/C car, they essentially control the speed, ride and durability of your racer. If you want to win at a competition or simply just want your car to be at its top performance, you will need these top quality ceramic ball bearing.

Ceramic ball bearing maximizes your tire rotation and gives you more efficient transmission and thus increases your maximum speed. By virtually eliminating any friction in the tire rotation, a high quality ball bearing helps glide the car along, like it's moving on ice.
I do admit that in most cases, you do get what you paid for. Who said there is no exception? Boom Racing here is giving you the best quality ceramic ball bearings with affordable prices. It is time for you to stop running metal bearings in your cars as they are far too much hassle, even if you had a source for very high dollar precision metal bearings. What can be more attractive than these high performance bearings and almost forget to tell you that, they are replaced yearly. Order them at AsiaTees now.

Author:Sharon Lan

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