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Boom Racing Releases BRX70 PHAT Axle


Builders around the world is creating more realistic scale trucks. Boom Racing releases an all-new narrow BRX70 PHAT axle for scale truck builders.

The BRX70 axle is Boom Racing's new narrow axle. Packed with many desirable solid axle features; heavy weight for low CG, reversible axle bevel gear positions, leaf spring option (over and under axle), chassis mounted or axle mounted servo option, behind-the-axle steering option, detachable aluminum CNC truss, adjustable caster angle. It uses the widely available AR44 axle gear, input shaft and AR44 knuckles.

This is a performance based, heavy and narrow axle set designed for performance based scale RC builds. Use this axle as a base for any custom builds.

BRX70 front axle is slightly wider than the BRX70 rear axle. This provides better steering performance and stability for the chassis.


  • 148.5mm pin-to-pin (5.846 inches)


  • Narrow axle for super scale builds
  • PHAT axle (heavy and strong)
  • 260 grams total weight
  • Reversible axle gear in the housing (swap gear to opposite side for counter rotation center drivetrain setup)
  • Standard AR44 high pinion gear & input shaft
  • Chassis Mounted Servo (CMS) AND Axle Mounted Servo (AMS) setup option
  • Detachable knuckle lever for Behind-The-Axle steering setup option
  • Standard AR44 knuckle arms are compatible
  • Leaf spring over and under the axle housing option
  • CNC aluminum truss included for 3-Link and 4-Link setup option
  • Adjustable caster angle for additional steering adjustability
  • BADASS HD Steel universal shaft for ultimate durability and strength for the axle drivetrain
  • High steering angle you won't believe it's true - over 45 degrees
  • Removable third member for 6x6 pass-thru option (coming soon)
  • Third member high pinion angle for better clearance
  • Counter rotation stainless steel tie rod steering link for quick adjustments
  • Option to lengthen the axle width with longer c-hubs and universal axle shafts (coming soon)

















































Author:Jason Tsang

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