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Product Spotlight: Boom Racing Scale Trail One-Piece Servo Mount


Time to turn up your steering reliability on your Wraith/RR10 with Boom Racing's Scale Trail One-Piece Servo Mount!

For you stock servo folks, there's no real reason to upgrade your mount unless you want something shiny on your rig. But for those upgrading RC nuts out there; there's a lot of good reasons to add an aluminum mount to your rig.

A negative impact of adding a stronger more powerful servo will be noticeable in your mount. From high stress and high speed movements, your screws or bolts may become loose or they might even strip. Stock mounts usually can't handle the stresses of a 444 oz servo’s pumping out 30/KG-CM.

The Boom Racing Scale Trail One-Piece Servo Mount has been custom designed from the trails to fit the Axial RR10 Bomber or Wraith and comes in 4 available colours (Black, Gun Metal, Blue, & Red) with 4 screws to hold the mount in place. For all your advanced crawling and 4x4 builds, trust in this aluminum one-piece mount to keep the power on the wheels and your servo's movement limited to the horn.

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Author:RC Trailblazr

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